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Dark Lord / Lord Emperor
Dark Lord / Lord Emperor

Erejüket a holló és a fekete táltos szellemének egyesítéséből nyerik. Mu Sötét Lordjai újra színre lépnek, hogy segítsenek szembeszállni Kundunnal, amint azt az Aranykorban is tették.

Lvl Point Power Agility Physical Strength Energy Basic Stat
7 26 20 20 26 104
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point mana
110 60 1 1 2 2

Force Wave:

The default skill of the Dark Lord, it does a quick but powerful penetrating attack.


An attack using Chains filled with magical powers, that is easily the most convenient spell for all Dark Lords.

Increase Critical Damage: A attack buff that increases the chance of a Critical hit to monsters to yourself and other party members.   View  
Electric Spark:

A strong powerful thrust of energy that easily penetrates through enemies. Though it has a small lag time, it is very powerful.


This is a spell used by Dark Lords to summon his party to him anywhere he may be.


A power stomp from the Dark Horse knocks enemies to the ground as the ground comes up before them.


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