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Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master
Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master

Némelyikük a nyers erőt, mások a tudást részesítik előnyben. A Dark Wizard támadó varázslatok (spells) sorozatát birtokolhatja, mellyel pillanatok alatt képes legyőzni Kundun erőit.

Lvl Point Power Agility Physical Strength Energy Basic Stat
5 18 18 15 30 81
Life Mana Level Life Level Mana Point Life Point mana
60 60 1 2 2 2


Wizards can summon the fires of Hell to rise from the ground and hit multiple targets in powerful blast.

Req: 260 Energy
Mana: 160


This powerful beam is made with the power of the water element. It attack’s multiple foes in the path of this beam.

Req: 345 energy
Mana: 140


Wizards can control the skies and make Comets fall from the Heavens to make a direct and deadly blow.

Req: 436 energy
Mana: 150


A forceful wall of fire is summoned around the wizard that burns anything in the immediate ring around him.

Req: 578 energy
Mana: 200

Teleport Ally:

This spell can be used to teleport a party member to you when they get into difficult situations.

Req: 644 energy; 1st Quest Completed
Mana: 90
AG Cost: 45

Soul Barrier:

A defensive shield that wizards can summon around himself and party members; it absorbs a percentage of damage from enemies.

Req: 509 energy; 1st Quest Completed
Mana: 70

Ice Storm:

Wizards that can control the weather elements can summon an Ice Strom to fall onto a small region of land causing destruction for all in its path.

Req: 849 energy; 1st Quest Completed
Mana: 100
AG Cost: 5


A powerful blast of putrid poison, that could easily poison players to the point of death.

Req: 953 energy; 1st Quest Completed
Mana: 110
AG Cost: 7


The strongest Spell in the game, Wizard can concentrate all their energy into themselves and release it in one gigantic powerful blast hitting surrounding  mobs and players alike.

Req: 1052 energy; 1st Quest Completed
Mana: 180
AG Cost: 45


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