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"The Scroll of Emperor"

The "Scroll of Emperor", which speaks of Muren, the first emperor to unify Mu, is said to have been seen around the Lost Tower, Atlans, and the Dungeon.

The "Scroll of Emperor" is enwrapped in a powerful force. Anyone who reads I shall be blessed with that powerful force.

"Three Treasures of Mu"

A historical record of the first emperor Muren contains the commemoration of peace through the triumph of Muren over all warlords and by doing so, unified the continent into the Empire of MU.

Muren was one of the three Heroes that ended the chaos brought upon the people by Sekneum's invasion.

After the empire was united, people swore loyalty to the emperor. Some of the three treasures offered as a symbol of their loyalty are as follows.

Magical artifacts may be found and they are called the 'Broken Sword', 'Tear of Elf', and the 'Soul of Wizard'.

The 'Broken Sword' was offered by the dark knights as a symbol of their bravery, loyalty and their wish for prosperity.

The 'Tear of Elf' was offered by the elves as a token of their vow to strengthen the power of elves and humans.

The 'Soul of Wizard' was offered by the dark wizards as a symbol of their vow to their power for the peace and freedom of the empire. Mu Year 10, and excerpt of the commemoration of peace record…

"Gain Hero Status"

The legendary treasure called 'Ring of Glory' is needed to acquire the blessing and strength of Muren. It has manifested its presence once more within out lands.

Whoever possesses the 'Ring of Glory' gains the blessing of Muren. It is said to be found in the deserts across the sea.

It indeed is the 'Ring of Glory'. Look how it shines. This ring contains time and legend that you cannot even begin to fathom. It's a blessing that you have found it!

"The Quest for Power"

It is possible that you might be able to acquire new power. The legendary treasure called 'Dark Stone', which was considered sacred along with the 'Ring of Glory', is calling on you.

If you would like to acquire new power, listen to me carefully. The 'Dark Stone' that is said to give warriors new power was found on the continent of Mu.

With the 'Dark Stone', you can master a new ability. It wont be an easy task, but since you were able to acquire the 'Ring of Glory' it might be possible for you.

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